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Product & Lifestyle

I am sometimes asked to do a bit of extra photography during a headshot shoot for small businesses, to incorporate lifestyle images for PR purposes or product photography. That's fine, but I do need to know about this beforehand.  

If you are planning lifestyle photography, we will need to discuss the mood and message you hope to convey, and how best to go about making that happen. 

Product photography is a specific skill that can, depending on what is required, warrant specialist equipment. And although I tend to photograph people rather than inanimate objects, I like to help out small businesses with restricted budgets who want to combine various forms of photography, perhaps to get their websites going or for a particular marketing drive.

If you plan to style your products and position them in an interior, as opposed to being cut out and placed on a white background, I urge you to read the following excellent article about how to plan and what to expect: Interior Photography & Styling by Elizabeth Stamp from ADPRO.

Do get in touch for a free consultation so we can discuss your needs at hello@sarahfurniss.com or give me a call on 07581 694934.

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