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I used to be an actor and understand the various pressures we might put ourselves under when heading for a photography shoot. I am very keen on aiming for headshots which look like you, but as some of us know, the you who turns up in the morning may be quite different to the you who leaves in the afternoon, or even half an hour later. After all, that's the job. So let's get a variety of looks, but let's make sure they're embedded in reality so you don't give casting directors reason to grumble; let's make sure you look like a person rather than a prop and let's have fun doing it. Feel free to contact me for further examples.


£185 includes session, 5 touched up photographs in black & white and colour, and travel to your home if within the Greater London area or an alternative location if required (I will travel but distance may affect cost). Supplied digitally. Printing rights included. 2 hours is usually enough time but please don’t worry, I shan’t rush off if we don’t feel we have the one! £15 per additional edited image

Drama students

£125 includes the same as actors' headshots above

Child actors

£60 for a half hour session and two touched up shots as above, £15 per additional image (For children up to thirteen-years-old, after which please see the student rate.)


Please be sure to read my Terms and Conditions. By agreeing to work with me, clients agree to these terms. Queries can be discussed and if possible, amended in writing prior to the shoot. Signed contracts are required for weddings and other large scale projects.

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