Working with friends

Forgive this slightly officious introduction to working with me but over the years I have learnt that it's best to be extra clear with friends from the outset. This way, if I'm too busy enjoying our shoot, I won't accidentally forget to provide key information that I would normally pass on to clients. I will try to keep it brief, but please read through the following; it may seem obvious and over-stated to some, but for others who are not familiar with the way photographers tend to work (why should they be if they're not photographers/models?), it will, I hope, save time and misunderstandings later. The following is for single person headshots and events only. If you have a business and are interested in PR, lifestyle or product photography please let me know so we can negotiate the best plan and price for you, confirmed in an email or Word document, or a contract if necessary,

1.  I offer friends who are employing me under their own steam* a 10% 'mates rate' discount from the advertised price on my website. 

2. If I am doing your headshots, the price includes advice and planning, shoot time, delivery of a contact sheet with all the images that I deem acceptable, and, once you have chosen the pictures you like, a final edit of a limited number of images. A contact sheet is a way of showing you all the images we took, minus any obvious duffs. When we used film you would likely receive a contact sheet of 24 or 36 unedited images. Now that we use digital, it is usual for contact sheets to include over 100 images. Your contact sheet will be in the form of a digital page on my site with file names. The images will have a watermark that says Preview. They will be untouched  - i.e. no editing. These are not the final product. Please don't download and share on social media at this stage!

3. With headshots for a single person, I will ultimately provide you with five edited, touched up images. You will need to let me know which images from the contact sheet you want me to work on.  Please provide the file number when letting me know - not screenshots. This saves me time especially if there are lots of images to choose from.

4. I work slightly differently when doing events. I won't provide a contact sheet for events. I will send you a webpage of edited images and ask you to let me know if you have any comments or requests before releasing them to you.

5. I don't release images until I have been paid in full. 

3. I you are having headshots done. You may wish to add a step to the process described above - the initial contact sheet can be overwhelming so some clients ask me to whittle things down for them by coming back to me with a long list. I will not edit the images at that point, but I can provide a new contact sheet with the reduced number for you to choose from. 

3. Additional images, i.e anything over five which included in the package, must be paid for. I currently charge £25 per extra image. However, you may choose to forgo the 10% mates rates discount and choose an extra image in your final edit instead. Please let me know. 

5. "An image" constitutes the original shot which has been edited - i.e. cropped, colour corrected, touched up (lines, blemishes, shadows lifted.) 

6. As a matter of course, I will supply the image you have chosen in colour and black and white. It will also be delivered as a large file for printing purposes and a small file for digital sharing or using as social media profiles. Therefore, you will receive four files for each image. If you have chosen five images, you will end up with 20 files. 

7. I know T&Cs are really boring! But please read them. And let me know if you have any questions before our shoot. 

8. When I send you your final images, please save them to a cloud service or a hard-drive, ideally both!

9. Please talk to me if you have questions! 

*If you work for a large company and are hiring me through them, all the above will be slightly different. I am happy to negotiate a better deal with businesses but the 10% discount for friends will not apply. Product and lifestyle photography, as well as multiple headshots have a different workflow to what has been described here. Let me know in advance if that is what you are after instead. 

Finally, I am looking forward to your shoot and before I go, take a look at this cool website with old rockstar contacts sheets!

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