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Family Portraits

There are several ways to approach family portrait photography.

1. Relaxed family shoot: You may wish to invite me into your home for a short period of time, perhaps a couple of hours, to capture everyone in a variety of relaxed situations in your house and garden. We may also head off to a local park, either for the whole time or for part of the session. If this is the case, I can offer a fixed rate based on my hourly cost, two hours of shoot time, and how much editing I know through experience that it will take to process your images. I will deliver up to 50 or more processed images digitally for you to print and arrange into an album. A straight forward family shoot like this includes two A3 or five A4 (or 10x8) prints.

2. Formal: You may have a more formal approach, and even have a list of specific groupings and plans. Under these circumstances, I will need to see your list and have a good idea of the venue before providing an estimate for your shoot. Although I enjoy working with just a camera and reflector, sometimes a speed light, under some circumstances we'll be much better off with some additional lighting. If this is the right option for you, we will also discuss how your images will be delivered – digitally or as prints – after which I can offer a realistic quotation.

3. Album: A family album seems like a thing of the past. However, a well-designed and perhaps a themed album can end up being an extremely special object. For a long-term project which results in an album, please email me so we can start a conversation about how best to go about this.

Do get in touch for a free consultation so we can discuss your needs at hello@sarahfurniss.com or give me a call on 07581 694934.

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