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What should you wear?

Good question and one of the most frequent! It all depends on what look and message you are trying to convey. Some fabrics work better than others. For the authentic, easy-going style of photography I aim for here, natural fibres often look better than made-made ones. Clean is obviously preferable, unless I'm photographing a character that is meant to be grubby! If you are bringing your kids along for a shoot, remember, whatever they are wearing will impact on the overall look, so if they're in old shorts and faded t-shirts, that's what will be in the picture. Avoid narrow stripes - they can cause moir√© which is an interference pattern. For headshots, it's helpful to avoid ultra bright white shirts. T shirts can be unflattering, unless you're a gym-bunny with a lot of confidence about your body. Don't bare your arms, for instance, if you can't stand to be without sleeves. The rule of thumb is, if you're comfortable and appropriately dressed for your role/place of work, you will be fine.  Most clients try to make sure they have a couple of outfits to work with. If you are trying to create a specific look, and need some help, do talk to me. 

Do I style the shoot?

I am not a stylist. Please don't rely on me to style your shoot for you. But I love working with stylists. I am always happy to collaborate. However, it can be counter productive for someone to turn up in the middle of a shoot and take over without having introduced themselves first. A stylist or project manager and I, along with whoever is hiring me, will have spoken prior to any photography taking place. Depending on the amount of time this entails, I may need to charge for planning. A quick call and perhaps a couple of emails is often more than enough and don't tend to incur any costs, however, pre-production meetings either online or in person will be charged for by the hour, or can be negotiated into the initial quote. Remember, cameras and modern editing techniques are great but I cannot turn a messy chaotic space into something out of Garden & Homes with Photoshop (well, I can but it might look more like post-modern art rather than a PR shoot)If you are hoping to end up with a number of images to use over a period of time on social media, you will need to plan and create a shot list and even a mood board. That way, we will make the most of the time you are paying for. 

How many images will you end up with and how does it all work?

I am a digital photographer, and in the main, my prices and work flow are reflective of that process. That generally means you pay for my shoot and editing time rather than per shot although rights and reach costs may apply under certain corporate/advertising circumstances. The number of images you'll end up with depends largely on the package and type of shoot you have opted for.

In most cases, once private clients have confirmed they are happy, and after they have paid, I will transfer the images as JPGs without a watermark. These will arrive separated into two parts; the first collection will contain JPGs that have been exported for printing on matte paper; the second will contain much smaller JPGs suitable for sharing digitally. Commercial clients often only require Tiffs or large JPGs but please confirm. If you want any images to be sized to specific dimensions, or rendered as TIFFs rather than JPGs, or saved for alternative papers, just let me know.

Event Photography

After shooting an event , I will delete any duff images and process the rest before sending you a link with the entire collection on a private page on my website, along with an invoice. You are free to share that page with your friends and family. The images will be watermarked and contain minimal digital information (making them small and unsuitable for printing). At that stage, please let me know if you prefer certain images in black and white or colour, or any minor additional Photoshopping applied. Then the process is as above.

The number  of images you end up with depends on how long the event was. Weddings typically result in 500 to 800 + images (again depending on how long I was with you for - some brides ask me to capture the wedding party getting ready and want me to stay until the first dance, while others just want me there for the ceremony and a limited time afterwards; birthday parties or round table business events typically lead to approximately 300 images. There will be some images that are quite similar and you will need to make choices about which ones you would like to print/upload to a website. I can advise you about printing companies or arrange printing for you where I will charge for my time. 

Family Photography

For Natural Family or Child Portrait Sessions, the work-flow is as above. Clients tend to end up with 60+ images, often more. 

However, if you have opted for a Formal Family Portrait, we are focused on creating a single image. We will have meetings prior to the shoot to devise and plan and following the shoot to collaborate. Even so, I tend to take extra shots on the day of the shoot and will let you have the outtakes at my discretion. 

Lifestyle and Product Photography

This is the type of shoot that often requires the greatest dialogue. Planning for these shoots is vital. You will end up with the greatest value for money if you plan. If you don't, it can seem like a very expensive exercise indeed. After the shoot, I will send you the contact sheet, a page on my website. You will come back to me with comments and choices, and I will work on the specific images you have chosen. Once they are ready, I will deliver them in the format of your choice. The number of images you receive is dependent on many variables and will be different for every company. 


I offer two packages for individuals. The first includes the consultation, shoot, and five edited, touched-up images which you will choose from a private contact sheet on my website, which you can share with your agent, colleagues, or friends and family to help decide. The contact sheet will contain all the images we shot (minus any duff ones).  

The second package is almost the same, except you can choose up to 20 edited and touched up images from the contact sheet.

You can also pay for additional images if you prefer which are ¬£25 each. 

For every image chosen and edited, you will receive four copies - one in colour and another in black and white, each as print-ready files and also as much smaller files appropriate for digital-sharing. 

If you are inquiring on behalf of a company, and want me to photograph several people, I charge by the hour. However, after an initial consultation, I will consider your requirements and provide you with a quotation to help mitigate any surprising costs. 

How long do I take to edit?

If you need your images quickly, please alert me when booking. I will need to be sure there is time on my schedule for any immediate turn arounds. 

Otherwise, please allow ten days under normal circumstances. However, wedding clients should allow 28 days for turn around. Clients are also responsible for coming back to me with choices in a timely manner. If you think you need extra time, please let me know so I can work out how best to accommodate you and my other clients. 

Will I share your photographs?

If you are happy for me to share, I am grateful to be able to do so. It brings me additional work and helps me spread the word about my business. Clients often tell me they saw images via a distant contact on social media and that type of secondary networking is very effective. However, it is not always appropriate and I have had plenty of clients for whom discretion has been important. Whatever the reason, if you need to keep your images private, let me know. I always ask permission about sharing images of children before doing so. 

Please be sure to read my Terms and Conditions. By agreeing to work with me, clients agree to these terms. Queries can be discussed and if possible, amended in writing prior to the shoot. Signed contracts are required for weddings and other large scale projects.

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